V1.7 released

26 Dec 2017


  • video qType does not work in mobile device iPhone
  • 2.5D 3D Gizmo issue
  • Clicking back of product shows the wrong image and its upside down
  • IE11 buttons/cart issue
  • hi res texture not loading when product is clicked
  • duplicating a bay or adding avatar screws up shelves on a bay


  • Can we add tween effect for the 3D HM
  • Every new project added in the survey builder should also add a Project Statistics dType by default.
  • adding a dType and click save issue
  • add a CS loading icon in 3DHM when 3D model is loading
  • Add animation capability to 3DHM
  • Extract RA heatmap display and interaction code into common

New Feature

  • Respondent app flow on multiple questions does not work
  • AM search UPC and Title with smart tag reference in the survey builder.
  • set _hq texture use in LV editor
  • Hide dropdown delete option when a single record is selected/edited in AM
  • Select Asset region
  • Can we add signals to get/restore camera coordinates?


  • Heatmap project requirements
  • Add German language to LV

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