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Powerful Editing Tools

Online editor gives clients the control to interactively build any 3D activity they desire. Manipulate objects in 3D with instant review

No plugins

No need to download and install custom plugins. Uses existing browser technology to deliver the 3D content

Easy Integration

The platform can be easily integrated with other survey tools and embedded as a standalone view on websites.

Complete Toolset

The same technology can also be used to build counter front and POS exercises. Whereby users can be shown around a 3D virtual counter and allowed to make purchasing decisions based on the promotions on offer.

3D Services

Walkthrough 3D animations

A powerful and engaging stimuli to present the best feature of a environment, but also to help understand and discover information sometimes underlying...

Our 3D animation tools help gather interesting and accurate data and insight, this by really captivate the respondents in qualitative and quantitative research.

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3D product video

2D designs or flat images do not always display your packaging and product in the best form, we take your ideas from just a flat ‘artwork’ into a new dimension.

We create fully animated 3D videos to show off the live performance of your product’s functionality and key features to really engage discussions within the team.

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Application Development and Sensorial Gaming

Some applications out there in the web wilderness can be quite a bore. We won't add to that!

Any custom requirement can be met by our amazing team of Brains. From interactive seat selections to drag ‘n drop calendar functions, Or more… gamified exercise for a study - you name it, we create it!

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About us

ConceptSauce has developed an online 3D Activity and survey administration platform. The platform provid es clients with a tool set, that is used to build any number of 3D activities.

For instance, on the Packaging research front, 3D concept tagging and Virtual shopping insight activities can be created for online use by respondents. These exercises are used in Shopper research, for standout, impact and pricing research.

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