3D Activity and Survey Builder platform Update

26 Dec 2017

Auto Live Shelf builder

Clients can now log into the Activity and Survey Builder to easily create a virtual shelf using the import excel feature. This allows clients to import an excel sheet to build the planogram according to a pre-setup template. This cuts down the shelf setup time to mere minutes rather than hours.

Batch update of Assets using excel sheet import
Clients can now import an excel sheet that would allow them to update products using the excel sheet. This makes uploading 100s of products and adding the details very easy.

Auto price creation
Adding price labels to all the products is now easy. It can be done with a simple click, meaning clients no longer need to add a price label product by product.

Easy asset replacement
It is now easy to replace existing assets in the survey builder, just a simple click. This allows for branding artwork/product updates without requiring setting up a separate product.

Page items are auto collapsed
in a move to help organise the pages in each project, pages are now collapsed by default and only expand on the selected page item.

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