About Us

Good, agile, structured coding with scalable infrastructure and a focus on delivering features to clients quickly
About Us
ConceptSauce was started in mid 2014, out of the UK. We sprouted from a previous company, that was incorporated back in 2009. Over the many years, we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience in traditional 3D and realtime virtual environments. With our team of developers, consultants and market researchers. We have been able to deliver an advanced online platform that is both agile and reliable. Allowing our clients to utilise the latest in 3D technology and also, allow them the ability to customise the tools for each project.

Our 3D Activity Platform, is cost effective and flexible. Our team is globally based, spanning many time zones. We have worked very hard to build a system from the ground up to be scalable and agile.

The team is a mixture of developers, architects, designers and market researchers. Each bringing decades of experience in industry.

Clients can be assured that the 3D Activity Platform is build by people with commercial experience. We have delivered many projects for the biggest global brands and this proven track record allows us to work with other brands and carry on delivering cost effective solutions with superior.

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