Walkthrough 3D animations

A powerful and engaging stimuli to present the best feature of an environment, but also to help understand and discover information sometimes underlying…  for example among difficult targets like children, who don’t always know how to express their preferences.

What for in a study?

  • to reproduce your business premises or ideas online to best feature frontage, interior, branding, key products and services
  • to simulate new innovative ideas to evaluate in a study stimulating for respondents
  • to measure the impact of certain marketing element  in-store
  • Customised to your needs, for example, a simulated grocery shop, book shop, toy stores and more
  • An innovative and engaging stimuli to use for quantitative or qualitative studies:
    – Online
    – Focus group/ Hall test
    – Face to to face interviews
  • Can incorporate an Eye-tracking analysis in a controlled environment (in hall)
  • Can incorporate our Interactive Shelf Exercise

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