Virtual Shelf

2.5D Liveplano Virtual Shelf designer helps our clients to build virtual shelfs interactively and quickly. Clients looking to evaluate packaging and what influences purchase decisions can now use 2D photos.

The Virtual Shelf tool

Can also be used to create unusual shopping environments, in the below example, we built a virtual shelf for a magazine stand. This was built using our 3D Activity survey platform. Respondents are able to interact with the magazine cover and also be able to flip the pages to see the other pages.

Liveplano 2.5D is our Interactive Shelf solution. The application is built on our solid 3D Liveplano tool.

The responds can “pick up” and add products to the basket. For clients one of the many features of the app is the ability to add claims to each product as well as a special offers.

2D Product Photos:

Clients can upload any number of produce photos, front and back. The application allows respondents to zoom in, pan and read the details of the products easily.

2D Product photos for Planogram and Virtual Shopping

The back of products can also be examined if the back image is also uploaded. Clients can use the tool in a number of ways, be it in conjoint studies, or as a standout exercise.

Live shelf 2.5D can be used in very much the same as 3D live shelf. Clients can use it to build exercises for:

  • A pricing/ promotions research
  • A conjoint analysis
  • A new packaging  research
  • A NPD research (potential/ volume/ steal)
  • A product test research
  • A line extension research
  • A qualitative research with eye-tracking

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