Custom Survey Development

Tailor made and a perfect fit

Question Development, Static sliders and simple interactions can be quite a bore, respondents look at the survey progress in the percentages counter as means to an end.

Why make the process of questions a bore and a challenge. Kicking off respondents at 40% of the process is frustrating.

How can you give respondents a more enjoyable experience and avoid progress percentage death.

Building a highly interactive and playful tool is something we strive for. We also believe that Custom made design tools are indispensable to improve the quality and richness of consumers feedback through engaging and fun tasks. A number of elements can be evaluated such as:

  • Pricing
  • Colour impact
  • Choice selections
  • Size implications
  • Purchasing decisions and impact
  • Exciting, innovative and more realistic possibilities
  • Real time data Instant feedback/ backup

Added Value: 

Don’t forget that we can record every ‘move and click’ during the tasks, which can then be analysed in more depth, for instance to understand the purchase behaviour of certain individual (eg. How long did it take on average to decide certain individuals like this? What did they look at before deciding to purchase product x? Did the loyal consumers look/ hover over anything else?), this is very much linked to neuroscience phenomenon.

Let the building commence. Start here!

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