Packaging test and Research

Hotspot and Concept test evaluator with heat map

Hotspot and Heat maps are effective at displaying concepts from different channels. These concepts are shown to respondents with one set as Likes and the other set as Dislikes.

Below is an example of the Freehand function with commenting:

The respondent has the ability to highlight freely on interest areas, with the added ability to place comments on each area.

Here is an example of the Dashboard function showing a heatmap:

Here is an example of the Area of Interest function with commenting:

2D Packaging tester analysis

Likes and Dislikes can then be used for comparison and the output used for better understanding of what interested and indeed put off consumers

  • Up and ready to deploy in minutes
  • Real-time – possibility to analyse during fieldwork
  • Competitive price
  • Simple breakdowns User friendly analysis – customised sample breakdown
  • Powerful statistical and visual results – can be share directly from our software, ability to do further analysis.
  • Respondent can comment: Possibility to add comments on areas clicked on
  • Includes also data collection/ management/ own platform/ data check/ data delivery on time
  • Easily remove and filter data

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