Custom Reporting and Analytics

Shelf Stand-out, Planogram optimisation, Pricing Strategies, Making sense of the data​. Custom Reporting and Analytics in Excel:

Working with research data is a complex affair. Clients typically use data formats such a SPSS to workout all manner of analytics and data reporting.

Adding the virtual store to any survey, can represent an added complexity. How do you pass data back and forth between the host survey and the Shelf, or do you integrate the data in real-time to add conditional routing?

In older virtual store systems, clients had to rely on data export at the end of a research project to then work out the numbers. Once the data export is done, it is then merged into the master data and processed as normal. This method is a normal practice with clients and we are always asked the same. However, this is not the most efficient method, as it means there is a lag for checking the data, especially on soft launches.

Data export is best used when more complicated analytics is required and not raw data. For instance, rather than clients asking for data such as:

  • Products clicked on,
  • What view of the product was seen, Front / Back
  • What time was did they enter and leave …

Clients can ask things like:

  • Percentage of products clicked but not bought
  • Percentage of Concept SKUs that was clicked but not bought
  • How many of the competitor products were added to the basket per POG/Cell/shelf
  • What percentage of respondents clicked on the Back of the product and bought the product
  • Average basket size
  • Basket containing competitor brands

These virtual store reports allow clients to easily see what the top line numbers all mean for a project and the impact of each concept change, or planogram layout and even pricing strategy research.

With all these top-line numbers, it is easy to work out the impact of POG changes or any other parameter.

The excel reports are produced using Excel Macros pulling the raw API data from our servers.

The Reports are not limited to Virtual Shelf’s, these can also be used with 2D and 3D concept testing or other custom develop solutions as required by the Brand/Agency.

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