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Product Animation – 3D mockup: ‘Flat’ is not cool, new ideas should not just be on a slide show

In the process of developing new concepts, flat artworks or indeed packaging, are built out of context and stand alone on a display board or a powerpoint presentation. This is one area of many where a 3d mockup and product animation can help.

Looking and observing new concepts as flat images is not a real representation of all the hard work and exciting new features of the new packaging and/or product.


There are limits in bringing the excitement of a new design to life through a medium that is truly only 2D and at best, use colour and directions to “bring” the concept to life

3D product animation videos gives complete control over the environment of this virtual scene. No matter how complex the product concept or packaging concept is, with 3D visualization animations, it is possible to move, rotate, bend, twist, crack or even explode any element. All with the aim to best show off the full capacity, features and functions of the product or packaging.

With 3D mockup product animation videos, the flat world of Powerpoint is for ever relegated to the history boards. Discussing and testing these ideas can also be taken a step further, these 3D mockup product animation videos can then be used in Consumer research studies, such as focus groups or used with panel providers.

Our 3D mockup product animation videos can be used in Consumer research studies for quantitative or qualitative studies.

Find out how you can kill the boredom of flat and bring excitement and realism back.

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