3D packaging tester

3D Hotspot concept evaluation with Richness and precision of information:

Bringing packaging and product concepts to life from 2D to 3D, with the power of tagging and commenting in real-time. We are able to convert your ideas into a collaborative format, whereby you can display the concept in a 3D virtual form. See how the 3D Hotspot evaluation application works.

3D Packaging Tester, helping you with testing concepts in a survey

3D Hotspot Interactive review and heatmap

Click and tag gives you the power to rotate, zoom, click on any area of your packaging and product concept and discuss. Seeing the product concept in 3D gives respondents a more realistic representation of your product concept, with the added goodness of real-time commenting.

The accurate 3D representation means that respondents reactions measured are more accurate and powerful, compared to reactions to a 2D, motionless imagery.

All the feedback from respondents is collated using our purpose built admin platform, providing you with easy to use filtering and data analysis. See the comments as they come-in in real-time. Simple to breakdown and segment.

The 3D heatmap / hotspot tool can be deployed globally as part of on online survey using redirect integration or be included in focus group discussions. The 3d packaging designs can be added in a sequence and also include animations. Any missing features can be developed rapidly and deployed using our Agile development process. The 3D heatmap and hotspot packaging designer is here to help with all the packaging research and development.

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