3D Co-Creation and Design Research

ConceptMesh Instant 3D upload and share, is a service built to allow engineers of all backgrounds, from Automotive to FMCG/CPG Packaging designers to upload 3D models using these formats FBX, IGS, STEP. Once uploaded, the user is able to share this with others and allow them to make annotations, or simply use the share now feature to share the model over the browser. This is a service that aims to help in design research and collaboration.

This platform can be used in the design research process, for instance clients/ConceptSauce can create the 3D model assets, then they can be embedded in surveys or used as a standalone application workshops or online communiteis.


To use the service, first you will need a 3D model of your concept idea, this can be built by ConceptSauce, or by the CAD/designers in your team. Then simply drag and drop a 3D model (FBX, IGS, STEP) to the upload area, after which the user can set this to Public or Private, then they can send this to the stakeholders or team members. If a user wishes to allow others to make comments for a collaborative/review mode, then this user simply signups up and shares the 3D model with each stakeholder via specifying their email.

A 3D model can be shared with a number of collaborators for discussion. Users reply to comments and make their own comments using the free Pin or the highlighter pen for more area based notes.

The service also provide access to free models that ConceptSauce produced over a number of years working on 3D animations and 3D Virtual Shelf projects.


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