3D Virtual Shelf

Package graphic is a critical element among other factors that influences consumers  purchase behaviors and decisions. 

Our 3D Liveplano Virtual Shelf designer is a virtual retail shopping experience that allows respondents to ‘imagine’ shopping for a specific product, it is an engaging and fun exercise for the respondents to conduct online and is a powerful tool – giving the answers you are after. 

Does it stand out? Are consumers likely to buy it? Where should it be located on the shelf? Is the price right? Where does it steal from?

The tested product is shown  in a competitive context, including  price tags, discounts, offers – just like in a local store!

Respondents are asked to imagine shopping for breakfast cereals and asked for example:

Imagine you were shopping for ‘breakfast cereals’, what would you purchase? and if this one was not available, which one would you pick instead

How quickly can you find ‘x’ brand? (recording time). Please select the packs that stand out? Which one(s) do you think is/are new? Which would you never consider buying?

  • A pricing/ promotions research
  • A conjoint analysis
  • A new packaging  research
  • A NPD research (potential/ volume/ steal)
  • A product test research
  • A line extension research
  • A qualitative research with eye-tracking

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