3D Presenter


Richness and precision of information: 

Discussing product concepts in 2D can be challenging, why not create an interactive online 3D virtual product that would enable you to share across teams and discuss virtually & instantly, from Hongkong to London.

The 3D presenter gives you the ability to spin, zoom and read labels of a product idea so every features of an object can be looked at and discussed thoroughly. 

We can easily create multiple versions of a concept idea to ‘test out’ internally as part of a presentation or in field research.

Adding animated components or showing unique features of the concept packaging or product is possible. Allowing you to effectively explore the options and  features of the concept.

  • Interactive 3D
  • Quick setup (in hours)
  • Easy to use
  • Real time data Collect instant feedback
  • Collaborate on concepts Ideal to discuss new ideas, NPD
  • Can feedback from anywhere, suitable for mobile phones

In this example, we show an animated 3D model in the browser, The user can spin and see how the product operates.

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