How to: Easy data analytics for Shelf Stand-out testing with Syrup.JS

Working with clients on research projects for Visibility testing of new concepts brings about a number of data challenges.

Platform Background:

ConceptSauce Virtual Shelf platform, provides an extensive set of features allowing clients to build and customise a Virtual Store as required. This means that any type of fixture can be built, from frozen, chilled to pallets. This stimulus is used in market research projects for such things as:

  • Improving product recondition via Planogram optimisation
  • Product launch testing
  • New Packaging design testing
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Shopper decision tree for simulating in-store situations such as out of stock or promos

In all the above scenarios: Data is collected in real time using our advanced online infrastructure. The respondent data is extensive, as it lists many attributes such as, clicked on time, what was clicked on, and what was bought, in fact, just about every action is saved and delivered via the API.

Data overload:

Clients can access all this data and any part of it, however, in our experience there seems to be a real challenge difficulty with using a modern API with what is sometimes a restricted system and resource.

The issues arises when the survey programmers have limited knowledge of implementing JSON feeds into surveys. While this might seem trivial as ConceptSauce can help these individuals, it is an issue never the less. The other is the difficulty in running basic analytics on what a respondent did.

For instance:

Respondent X bought product SKU 1 but only clicked on SKU 2.

Then a survey programmer needs to know if Respondent X clicked on 2 but did not buy it. To do this:

  1. Call the API with the correct URL and respondent ID
  2. Look through all the data in the API
  3. Extract that data point, i.e. product clicked
  4. Extract other data points, i.e. products bought
  5. Do a data comparison using java-script
  6. Save the results to a hidden field in the Host survey platform such as Confirmit or Decrypt.

The Solution

To help all our clients with this and easier integration, which means an even faster turnaround time. We built Syrup.

Syrup is a JS library that enables clients to do quick analytics on a per respondents bases without having to do challenging JS programming.

This means that a client can ask any question, such as, did a respondent click on 1 but not put in the basket, how long did it take to fill basket, what was clicked on but not bought. All these questions can be simply extracted.

All that a programmer needs to do is embed the Syrup JS libraries and make a call a simple execution for that bit of data:

This now means that programmes can ask things like:

  • Products viewed but not purchased?
  • Is a product in the basket?…

The system then returns a True of False depending on what the question is naturally.

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