Virtual Shelf – Digital Retail Shelf Choice-Based Conjoint

Virtual Shelf and Conjoint study

As a brief, the client was looking to build a 3D virtual Shelf and 2D Virtual Shelf to use Conjoint for test the pricing and promotion effect on user choice.

ConceptSauce used its existing Online Activity platform and 3D virtual Shelf builder tool to develop an extra feature that allowed the client to feed in permutations that displayed diffrent pricing and promotions depending on the Virtual Shelf setup. These Permutations were then build as specified in the permutations excel sheet build.

Once the builds have been processed by the Online Activity Builder, the virtual shelf was able to display the products and the prices, as well as the promotions associated to the product. These Virtual Shelf builds were then passed to the client using redirects that allowed them to send the respondents to the right Conjoint Virtual shelf permutation.

The data was then captured in real-time and allows the client to see instantly what the respondent was doing.

The application was deployed cross country and was able to create a good data set for analysis. The Conjoint Virtual Shelf is a tool that can be used by any client and can be further developed to the clients needs.

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