Sensorial Gaming Application Development

Developing online applications for clients takes many steps to achieve the vision and expectation that they are looking for.

Initially we look at what the client needs in-terms of data capture and where the application is to be deployed, i.e. is it for mobile or desktop and what are the limitations on each platform from a technology and connectivity bases.

Sensorial Gaming:

These applications vary widely, from a 3D interactive solutions to 2D image based ones.

In the latest example, ConceptSauce developed an application for one of the largest Global Brands producer and a UK based Market Research agency, where the application used Sensorial Gaming principals to provide the respondent with an engaging experience that fits the methodology of the Research.

The Sensorial Gaming Application is now deployed Globally using ConceptSauce own global CDN and Online Activity Builder Platform. The application is been used across markets with multiple language support. This application plugs into other survey platform as the respondents are redirected to and out of the Sensorial Gaming application.

Due to the confidentiality of the project, a working example of the Application is not possible.

ConceptSauce uses a number of tools to develop this Sensorial Gaming application. Using Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Docker and Jenkins, the deployment of the application is triggered via HipChat. This setup allows ConceptSauce to deploy development issues to Dev and test each developed branch with the client. Only when this has passed the multiple steps of testing can the Application be deployed to live and thus, be hosted on the Online Activity Builder platform.

All requested features are logged into JIRA and all code associated to this is submitted to that ticket using GIT(BitBucket Server). Such a workflow allows ConceptSauce to control and manage the code-base efficiently and to quickly deploy applications rapidly.

The development pipeline at ConceptSauce, gives great control and flexibility for all application developments. With this system in place, clients are given the best results and the fastest development workflows possible.

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