3D CGI Animation to Visualise cross market packaging concepts

How 3D CGI Animation was used by a major Brand to visualise and showcase benefits and features of a new laundry Packaging Concept.

The client needed to visualise the functionality of the packaging and also show how the colours of the liquid plays into the decision of the consumer.

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is used extensively in Films, TV, Advertising. Its breakthrough came when Pixar released Toy Story.

The advancements in CGI have come along way since then, Resident Evil, Avatar, and countless other feature films, there is almost a new release every other week of a full CGI film.

In the world of Packaging development and visualisation, there is no need to go down the rout of a full-on Hollywood block buster production or indeed the investment needed to achieve it. For Packaging, the aim is to communicate the conceptual idea effectively, be-it in meetings, focus groups and/or used in market research stimulus.

CGI Animation, helps clients quickly visualise packaging concepts in 3D as an Image or as a Animated video. The starting point for a concept could be something very well developed or be in the early stages of conceptualisation. In a few cases, ConceptSauce worked with rough sketches and this example, a number of rough bottle design sketches were supplied, these were then turned into a CGI 3D animated product video. In other examples, the design was more mature and the 3D CGI video needed to show the packaging features and unique design elements.

3D CGI for Packaging visualisation, gives clients total control over every aspect of a Concept visual, not adhering to the limitation of the laws of physics, any part of the concept can be placed and manipulated limitlessly. This gives total freedom, allowing the concept to be visualised and focused on at all times, effectively communicating the idea and its key features.

In the demo video below, we used an generic bottle to show case the use of CGI, due to the confidentiality of the project, a real sample can not be shown. The client needed to visualise and test a number of liquid colours and packaging ideas across markets, Conceptsauce, used colour schemes and sketches from the client to build a number versions of the colours for each market and research. The liquid came in many colours and finishes from, Gold to Pearlisent.


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