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27 Jan 2020

Been a while since our last post, much has been happening at ConceptSauce. We have been very busy developing our new platform that will be of a major step to realise our vision of offering an un-paralleled new service. All this to improve virtual shelf research along with other solutions.

Going back to the subject of this blog post, we thought it would be good to add a little about what has been going on with our virtual shelf solution.

What we have been up to, what our clients have been doing, what new features were added, how has the platform been developed so far?

Whats new – Virtual Shelf and Data

On the virtual shelf front, we have developed and added a number of features to help our clients with each project. One of the major addition is logic programming.

What this means, is that we are now able to build a number of scenarios based on the response from each respondent. For example, if respondent X buys Y number of products or Z products, then send them to scenario / POG X, where a specific cell is setup with perhaps these products disabled.

Another feature added is the ability to quickly extract and analyse the collected data and provide this in a convenient CSV format. The client still retains access to the API access as normal.

Every project will have varying specifications for this data output. As such, the improvements made, allows us to easily customise this for each client and/or project.

Wiki documentation updates and organisation, further to the many updates done. We have also taken a major step into better organising the documentation for how clients can get started with building a virtual shelf.

The new documentation sets out a clearer process of what is needed for each project. Making the process of project management and delivery much more streamlined. This improvement will make an enormous difference in Virtual Shelf Research.

How are Brands and Agencies using Virtual Shelf solution to validate concepts

We have worked on many projects across many markets and categories. In all of this, the main aim is to find out if the new packaging design has an improved performance on the purchasing behaviour of consumers.

A typical study involves around 30 SKUs but this can be as much as 100 SKUs and more. The setup is straight forward, without getting any logic setups involved. Of these 30 SKUs, we would have a number of cells/scenarios that have the current design, then the new design. Or if not a new design, just a different arrangement of the products on the shelf.

We then integrate these shelves into an existing survey platform that is then used in the research with X panel provider. The output compares the performance of each design, purchase intent/basket spend as well as other metrics.

All this helps the client form a picture of how each route is likely to preform. This reduces the risk to the stakeholders and provides a clearer path to the new product release.

Future plans:

As we develop and push on with our current development road plan. We are aiming to make a real impact on the service we provide clients. Bringing a new service that allows clients to streamline the research needs and the creation of 3D Virtual exercises.

This new development is an exciting step for us in this new year. We hope this will bring real value to all our current and new clients.

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