Virtual shelf on mobile

12 Nov 2018
Virtual Shelf on mobile devices

The creation of planograms for marketing and research has been done previously with legacy technologies. The use of these solutions has caused many problems for Market research agencies and brands alike.

The struggle to give greater access to respondents meant clients would spend a huge amount of time on multi setups and configurations to adjust and implement any number of virtual shelves/setups.

With our virtual shelf solution, market research agencies and Brands, are able to utilise a fully 3D interactive setup area. This makes it possible to adjust the product layout with a few clicks. Therefore, you can add, remove any number of elements from POSM to custom bays.

Once all set, a simple click to preview the virtual shelf, it is possible to test it on desktop and mobile. While on the desktop, the user can use the mouse and keyboard for interaction. On the mobiles device, touch events are recognised, allowing respondents to interact intuitively.

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