Virtual Shelf builder Updates

23 Oct 2018

We have been busy with development of the Planogram and Virtual Shelf builder. Here is a few points on the recent updates.

  • Asset Manager: New improvements to the image processing pipelines mean, you can now upload 100s of products in one go and have them processed in seconds
  • Batch Uploading of products can now handle 100s of line items instantly. And more improvements are on the way.
  • Added a feature for the Virtual Shelf builder 3D scene to allow users to select all products on a shelf from the context menu.
Virtual Shelf Context menu
Select all Virtual Shelf Builder Context Menu
  • Better memory clearing and handling to manage larger builds better. Now you can set up as many Planograms as needed and the system will handle the memory more efficiently.
  • Asset Manager: Improved Replace with CDN faster CDN invalidation
  • Added reminder feature for Findability virtual shelves. Respondents are able to click on this if they needed to remind themselves of what they are searching for.

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