Virtual Prototyping and Concept Test

11 Apr 2018

Virtual Prototyping article and how supermarkets/Brands are looking for ways to improve product positioning and impact. Read more about the effects and/or methods to better understand decision making using  virtual prototyping.

Virtualising concepts in a store environment can now be done inside of your average web browser, no need for complicated installed software. The application allows clients to build virtual shelf mock-ups interactively and gives you an interactive visual of your prototype store layout.

Concept prototyping can be done via 3D interactive means, or using 3D animated videos, both methods are great at visualisaing what the packaging design will look like on the shelf and instore.

In both cases, clients can supply the artwork in PDF or illustrator format, after which it is possible to convert this to a 3D model or if used in a 2D virtual shelf, then all that is required is the front packaging photo.

For the 3D animation mock-up, you can adjust manipulate the virtual model to better see the various elements of the special packaging features, in this example we look at the golds, silvers and finishes on the branding. See the it here.

In cases where individual design research is required, it is possible to build a 3D model to be manipulated online. however in this example, we used a 2D image to demonstrate the concept research application. See here.

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