Update 4

26 Dec 2017

An update on the latest developments on our virtual shopper:

Asset Manager

We are very close to having an Asset Manager working for 2.5D Virtual Shopper. The Asset manager allows our client to upload product photos as PNGs. Then, they are able to set the size and other attributes, such as price, claim, measure and discounts.

Thumbnails and other assets are generated on the fly for each product.


We now have deployed the new version that allows the system to have specific client areas. Clients can log in and manage their own 3D and 2.5D Virtual Shopping shelves.

New features and Bug fixes.

Many new features and bug fixes, such as; Improvement to API code, Respondent app progress bar, BB code editor for notifications, 3D Virtual shopping editor. We also have improvements like Multi-select, stacking, placement and manipulations.

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