Unified Data Capture and Visualisation Platform

17 Feb 2020

The new unified data capture and visualisation platform is days away from being released into the big world.

What will this platform allow? it is a super flexible platform that allows the creation of any layers/applications on top of the ‘core’.

What does this mean for Market Research? it means that our clients will be freed from any restrictions and can feel free to request any survey to be built, any exercise to be developed. In 2D or in 3D. It means we can look after the whole process, from survey creation to DP and Reporting; no need for subdivision

How will this help our new and existing clients? Quite simply, peace of mind, by cutting down the chain and simplifying the pipeline. As mentioned, this new system will give greater freedom with developing any survey experience.

Things like 2D games can also be integrated and/or developed with all metrics recorded in real-time. This will give a super power to all researchers.

What else can this platform do? quite many things. Outside of the Market Research area, it will also allow us to develop custom application layers for any other market sector.

For instance, we can develop integrations and or customer booking journeys for specific events. Such as sporting tournaments, camps.

And even going beyond this, allow for the capture of data streams from laboratory instruments or manufacturing machines. Giving real-time Monitoring overview.

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