Simulated Shopping Shelf Sets

14 Apr 2020

Simulated shopping Shelf Sets, otherwise known as Virtual Shelves. Shoppers are introduced to a simulated shopping environment on the web browser.

We have a number of methods to implement this: In some setups, we show the shoppers a video walk-through of the supermarket to introduce them to the environment, after which, we show them the interactive ‘active’ shelf set.

The walk-through simulation (a pre-rendered 3D video) provides the shopper with context.

In other setups, the shopper is able to navigate around a full aisle. Thus allowing them to pick the route, look at signage, promotions and other key messaging.

Marketing Benefits

The Simulated Shelf sets enables us to measure a number of marketing metrics such as: Volumetric Forecast, Facings evaluation, Shelf Position, Branding Impact, Shelf Impact, Price demand.

Find out how effective the packaging is, what is grabbing the consumers attention, are shoppers noticing the packaging?

When it comes to shelf position, you are able to see what the effect is on the market share if the packaging is placed on the top-shelf versus the eye-level or bottom shelf.

Would having two facings yield the same spend as one facing?

Is the position competitive on the shelf? Would it perform better if placed next to other brands or own-brands?

How can you affect the shoppers’ behaviour to purchase the product based on the packaging and/or other variables?

Simulated Shopping Shelf sets


When it comes to outputs, there is a number of ways to deliver this. We can use 3 methods for this:

  1. Analytics info-graph: displaying all the key metrics and related data in a visually pleasing and shareable medium.
  2. API: real-time access to all the data captured plus all timing information. This can be used instantly for any integration setup.
  3. CSV: analytic data file. This format allows DPs to evaluate the data as needed in any of the major analytics packages.

As with all clients, we aim to develop a custom reporting and data visualisation solution that works for them and not fits the platform.

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