Shelf Stand-out research with Virtual Store platform

15 Jan 2019

Shelf stand-out and visual impact research conducted online: How do clients use the Virtual Store platform for effective online concept research?

Over the years, we have completed many projects for brands, retailers and Market Research agencies. The projects involved varied in complexity, from small studies that involved 20-30 SKUs to very large projects, such as 800SKUs with onsite Eye tracking combined with Online shopper and findability.

With all clients, the requirements differ per project. As such, it is key to have an agile delivery of feature development and deployment, as well as a rapid turn around for shelf setups.

When a project is for Shelf Stand-out for instance, findability exercises are setup to enable a respondent to find a particular SKU with limited time per SKU. The time to enter, time to pick and time to exit is all captured in real-time and as such, it gives clients a great deal of flexibility and power on the survey logic and progress.

In addition to this, survey developers/integrators can utilise our new Syrup.js system for extracting analytic ready data from the virtual store shelf.

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