Projects summary so far

26 Dec 2017

August was a busy month for us. Expanding on the Liveplano 3D Virtual shelf designer, we added many improvements for Usability and implemented a new Tool pallet editor.

The new pallet editor simplifies the product selection and adjustments. With it, clients can now easily search, select and stack products in any number of ways.

Duplicating products and arranging them across shelves is very easily done.

On the projects’ front:

We have produced 3D still renders of conceptual products of household products. The products modelled in 3D and created colour variants for each concept. We used the still renders in a conjoint type study.

Our 3D Liveplano Virtual Shelf builder was used as a base to create a 2.5D version. The 2.5D allowed our client to upload product photos with the background removed. We then placed these products on a virtual Shelf using the Virtual Shelf builder. This deployment was successfully used to deliver a project in the Chilled food category.

Building on the 2.5D Liveplano virtual shelf deployment, we built in new features. One of which was the addition of Claims for each product and displaying product measure on each price label. This project was for a sample of 1200 respondents.

Survey Administrator update:

As part of the commitment to deliver even better service, we are working hard on expanding our Survey platform. This platform allows users to add questions and build flows easily. For instance, users can add multiple Liveplano instances on a Page, preview the setup and also test out the data capture API aspect.

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