Multi Currency cost calculator in Excel

28 Nov 2018

Calculating costs across services in your business can be tricky, and also, a bit more challenging when you are trying to anticipate changes in XE rates. And therefore we bring you our cost calculator to aid this process.

The primary reason for building this excel sheet cost calculator is to simply see how, the costs in EURO, USD and GBP all relate and get a better understanding of the monthly, yearly costs.

You can download the excel sheet here: https://github.com/conceptsauce/multi-currency-excel

Using the sheet is very simple:

  • Fill in the costs per month per service
  • Set the currency to EURO or USD as per service
  • Click the Refresh arrow at the top left to re-calculate the figures
  • Make sure you adjust the XE rate sheet to reflect the real-life changes or assumed XE rates


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