Liveplano Virtual Shelf designer and Survey Administrator 2.1 Extensive Updates

26 Dec 2017

We have made massive amounts of updates to Liveplano 2.5d/3D virtual shelf designer and the Survey Administrator. Liveplano is one component of a larger system that manages the data.

It has been a very exciting month for us. I hope to bring you more super updates in the coming weeks.


[13] – Liveplano options “pick up product” is not implemented in respondent app
[14] – strange CSS issue
[17] – Uncaught typeError
[71] – last question end/ page end and survey end times should be the same
[95] – Fix Makefile to copy /common to /site
[104] – nodejs build script fails for respondent due to missing /js directory
[105] – ensure nodejs build package.json install correct versions
[114] – fix up nodejs build after config.json introduced
[119] – Deploy build file fails for respondent
[126] – When zooming into a display to read the price labels the labels on the bottom shelf are “cut off” (see image)
[131] – deploy script fails when git branch name contains “/”
[132] – when hitting SA with a #dashboard fragment we see dashboard template even when not logged in
[134] – Websockets timeout when admin left with no activity
[139] – “+” button to add a qType not always visible
[140] – Clicking project name in breadcrumbs fails
[152] – Project with no pages breadcrumbs fail
[155] – Duplicate SRPs with products does not work
[156] – Highlighting is not working again
[162] – duplicate instance ID in in Liveplano Resp
[174] – Fix .gitignore in SA/RA to properly exclude ../site/…
[175] – new preview does not take account of port numbers in URL
[177] – fix event handlers and update to latest 3D code
[180] – Admin crashes when hitting project name in breadcrumbs (new project)
[181] – Project preview seems broken
[184] – LV scrollbars appear
[185] – missing json or texture files cause respondent to crash / hang
[189] – objectSelected not sent first time anything is added to the scene
[193] – Selecting Price labels dose not Sync with new Pallet
[194] – respondent data mongo document size limit reached
[205] – update preview to include the logged-in user id
[217] – View basket is all messed up
[231] – odd 404 loading 2.5D assets after a page duplication


[227] – userMeta additions stage 1
[239] – Respondent UI fixes 235, 236, 237, 238


[10] – add originating URL to the sysinfo data collected by RA
[33] – Implement preview facility now SA and RA can be on different domains
[82] – Implement the API versioning in client-side network code
[93] – add a makefile target for go get <pkg>
[94] – Update forbin for project defaults
[115] – Add endpoint config setting and always use it
[116] – fix up initial price labels to work from selected product and items.json
[118] – Respondent loading click to continue is too fussy
[120] – Breadcrumbs: go to Projects List page
[125] – Fix up comments in csroots Makefiles
[128] – Disable SRP clicking, maybe this is an option we add in SA?
[135] – add better logging on failed deployments
[137] – Add Docker-based build scripts
[147] – Rework Project properties page in Survey Admin
[148] – Use floating “+” plus style menu on project listing page (and elsewhere)
[149] – Create a CommonEventBus infrastructure
[157] – Automatically detect and disallow an SRP to be placed inside another SRP
[158] – Set height of Avatar and other options such as zoom level
[159] – Option to zoom but *not* allow 3D rotation of zoomed product
[160] – client-side work for ZoomItem 3D rotation optional flags
[161] – Accept product dimensions and type on AddItem API calls
[164] – New editor panel
[165] – new look smaller Breadcrumbs bar and reduced left sidebar width
[168] – Double click item to add
[172] – Update the copy page (and project?) icons to be grey to match the rest
[173] – Get Maple (User data API) running as a subdomain, not a port number
[176] – shortcut to stack products vertically
[178] – change asset location override param name to assetServerBaseURL
[188] – Add “User can see back image when handling product” option 2.5D
[202] – create unique ref for RA sessions data stream
[210] – Validation for project properties assetServerBaseURL entry
[211] – Add Currency option in LV qType
[214] – add branch name to docker deploy image tag
[222] – add mouse over effect to add and remove buttons in shopping basket

New Feature

[54] – Sync 3D editor tool panel with selected object in 3D scene
[63] – Duplicate selection/group using keyboard
[70] – View Pan left/right up/down in Product Examiner view (the zoomed product pick view)
[179] – Testing 2.5D
[203] – Add quick button for API results access
[207] – Add assets server field in project settings
[218] – Add buttons to Product view mode
[219] – Add option in LV qType to set the “Checkout” and “Finish Shopping” button text
[220] – [claim text] Update the design of the Product view window
[221] – update the top CS bar so it floats over the 3D
[226] – add packSize to product meta and price label as an option

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