Liveplano 2.0 and Survey Administrator Has landed

26 Dec 2017

Liveplano Virtual Shelf designer V2.0 has now added the ability to use 2D product images. This addition helps our clients in building Virtual Shelfs quickly using photos that are taken from online stores or photographed in-house.

The new 2.5D tool has many features added. Such as the ability to display product Claims, Special offers and Price per Measure. Many more additions to follow…


All the respondent data nicely and lovingly organised ready for instant access.

The API has been reorganised from V1.X, as there was some limitations in the older system that needed improving. The new leaner API gives more more control on how data is accessed and protects the system from bad apples.

Here is the release notes for version 2.0:


[58] – When placed some items appear on exact same spot over each other (detectors for example)
[98] – ctrl + shift duplication on stacking plane does not work correctly
[99] – switch shortcuts for duplication


[66] – arrow keys navigation do not work
[107] – Breadcrumbs: go to Projects List page
[127] – Increase price label text by 50% and make bold so its easier to see
[129] – remove thumbnail opacity and add white background to tool palette
[144] – Update Project edit view
[167] – change right mouse button too viewport rotation/movement
[212] – update Emissive to 1.0 as 2.5D flats too dark at mo
[230] – Update Product view UI
[232] – adjust height of bottom bar to 110px
[237] – Update Claim text
[238] – SORRY can we add in the total and view basket to bottom

New Feature

[215] – Dynamically hide bottom and top bar when user interacts with Shelf
[216] – Allow panning once a user has clicked on and zoomed into the product.
[235] – Append product measure/size to end of product name.
[236] – Append the measure/size and Price in the hover over text

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