How to help respondents navigate a Virtual Shelf

13 Nov 2018

Surveys with virtual shelfs can at times mean that we need to at each point give instructions and remind the respondent of how and what they can do in the virtual shelf.

This is done on a number of fronts:

  • An info screen is displayed just before the Virtual Shopper exercise, this info screen provides a helpful guide to navigation and functions
  • Textual instructions are also provided before or after the info screen, depending on the clients needs
  • The Textual instructions are also accessible again, once the respondent is back in the virtual shop 
Helping Respondents navigate a Virtual Shelf
  • Another option is to provide respondents with a practice shelf. This is a shelf that respondents can interact with and has a number of pointers on the shelf to explain how the app works.
Virtual Shelf practice demo shelf

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