How to find product sizes when working with Planograms for Concept standout and shopper research

18 Dec 2018

Working with concept stand and shopper research projects/planogram optimisation (Using virtual Shelf), requires a number of metadata for each SKU. The visual standout testing helps the clients to determine these parameters.

While data is typically provided by clients, in some instances, this data does not exist in hand due to the conceptual nature of the planogram. As such, we have created a tutorial video to help our clients with this.

Planogram optimisation and concept visual standout testing

This visual testing also helps the client get an idea of how the shelf will look like or plan the layout of the shelf.

Using the template provided in our Wiki, clients are able to extract the product sizes. Thus enabling us to complete all the Planogram optimisation and Visual standout research.

Contact us for more info on the Wiki page and to download the template.

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