Heineken Gold a Concept Beer can

26 Dec 2017

We’re quite the lovers of beer at CS, Heineken been a firm favourite to enjoy over a weekend — not enough to be suffring self inflicted wounds the next day — just enough to savour the flavour.

This week, by way of example (the real clients product, let’s say they don’t want you all to see), we decided to make a slight tweak to the concept CS tinny.

So without further ado: Take one normal can of H, naked aluminium peeking shyly through the artwork and add a touch of Bling!

Can you see it in your mind now? The soft golden sheen popping beneath the logo. Maybe, maybe not, words can only do so much, a picture then? Hmm I think we can do better than that…

Using 3D Animation for concept testing brings life to an otherwise flat world of text and 2D.

The new 3D concept makes it very clear to respondents that this is a fresh new look. No words are even needed to explain it, they can “hold” it, view it from all angles and even read the label!

Using 3D Animations and our interactive tools for showing new designs in concept testing brings clarity like never before.

Golden times.

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