Heatmap app update

26 Dec 2017

Easy Comment filtering and association. With the newly developed heatmap survey tool, it is now easy to see what comments belong to what action on the Concept. Click through all the likes and dislikes as well as natural actions.

You can merge results from across countries for the same concept with ease. It is now possible to easily merge data sets in the Dashboard for the same concept coming from different countries. This is very useful when working across countries on the same concept, but would like to carry out Analysis on the combined output.

Just completed a Heatmap survey with 1750 respondents working across the 2 countries. The study was for the major electric brand.

The dashboard now has an explorer bar, allowing easy navigation between dashboard pages.

Dashboard projects stats and question stats added, giving easy to read stats for each question and project completed. This is in realtime, allowing clients to see what was completed for each project and if the base numbers are good for the research.

The new Debug function for Redirects allows clients to easily test integration with our 3D Activity platform. This helps the technical team to better understand what is going on in the backend when a respondent is sent to us. It makes sure we capture the right information from the host survey platform.

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