DJV a render sequence player

26 Dec 2017

We work with 3D virtual store walkthroughs and product animations all through the year. All of the 3D Animated Virtual Store projects are rendered into frames, as TGA with Alpha and if time permits it, OpenEXR.

The animated store walkthroughs consist of hundreds if not thousands of frames. If we are creating an animation for Eye tracking, then the number of frames does jump up significantly.

All through the process, it is very important to check the flow and renders of the Animation. Doing this has always been difficult without a frame sequence player.

This is where DJV Player comes in. It is a free program that can be downloaded from SourceForge. It is a fantastic little sequence player that allows you to load all the frames into memory (make sure you have a good amount of ram) and play these back at any frame rate. It also supports alpha’s and has a number of cool tools, such as a magnifying area to check the renders as the animation is playing.

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