Concept testing with 3D packaging animation

25 Apr 2018

Concept testing and 3D packaging animations:

Using 3D technology and 3D concept testing to better visualise and concept test new 3D packaging ideas. It is now made possible with 3D interactive animations. Clients can now build 3D packaging concepts and add animations as for functional packaging features.

While many businesses rely on 2D concepts to visualise ideas, it is possible to add another depth to these ideas by also showing users how the product will work through interactive animations.

In the example below, it is possible to see a product open and close, while allowing the respondent to make comments on the product for co-ordinated feedback. The use of 3D packaging is also realisable in focus groups and online panel forums. These can also be integrated seamlessly in online surveys.

More info about the 3d packaging and concept testing platform can be found here.


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