Concept research with Online Surveys

17 Apr 2018

Developing new concepts with the help of Concept Research, for packaging can be made easier with the use of online applications. The process of developing the concept involves many steps, some of which can be made more rapid. One of the problems brands face when developing a new concept is the route to take when working with a number of design variations. For example, which is the best design route to take, would an A/B testing help in guiding to the right design decisions?

To help in this process, clients can utilise the concept research platform to create rapid online surveys for gathering consumer feedback. In the example here, you can have a play with a demo concept that was uploaded online. In another example here and here you can find more info and another none FMCG demo. Respondents are able to place Pins, or use the freehand marker pen to indicate/highlight areas on a concept that is of interest to them.

concept research and online surveys

All this data is then saved in real-time and using the online dashboard. The client is able to build heat maps of the concept and the related comments. Giving clients the up to the minute results for early analysis.

The same application can be customised in a number of ways as required by the client for that project. Concept Research using the online survey platform is quick to set up and deploy with any survey software and panel.

Data Analysis

Another advantage of the concept research platform is the ability to visualise easily any bad data. It also allows clients to report such instances or ignore the bad data. Further helping clients in making the right choice for design development.

The application can also be used in focus groups for collaborative concept development.

We are always developing new concept research applications be it in discrete choice analysis or more straight forward interactive multi-select exercises. Building and developing these applications with our agile and cluster-based infrastructure, we can meet all your projects needs.

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