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How the virtual shelves will help you in your shopper research

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How to navigate a Virtual Shelf

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Concept Evaluation Discussion and Data Visualisation

The mobile first, newly developed application, now runs perfectly across platforms. Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop. This new Concept Discussion tool brings a number of new… Read More

Concept research with Online Surveys

Packaging and Concept evaluation can be done in a number of ways. When developing a new packaging idea, concept testing is a process that helps… Read More

Concept Research with interactive 3D

Concept Research using interactive 3D packaging models online Using online 3D technologies for concept research, market research agencies and brands are able to carry out… Read More

How to use 3D PDFs in surveys with respondent viewed validation

How to turn a 3D PDFs into an online 3D rotatable package for online market research. 3D PDFs have been around for a long time… Read More