An exciting end to 2016

26 Dec 2017

We end the year on a strong note. It has been a busy time. One of the key pains we had was the ability to deploy to Live whenever a new feature or bug fix is created. This has always been a quick process that relied on our CTO to make the deployment. However, with a global team, it is hard to always be there for the deployments.

In Summary

We have implemented Jenkins to drive our deployment system. This is now in operation and has been a blessing for us. We can now simply deploy dev builds using HipChat and then once happy, push to live in a matter of minutes.

Another task we aimed for was the real-time monitoring of our systems and services. All the available online services are expensive and do not work the way we want them to. As such, it was best we implemented Nagios. This now looks over all our global deployments and allows us to see what is going on with each system and service. It does help to sleep at night knowing the system is all being checked.

Automated MongoDB backups. This is another feature we implemented to help us save any client data from ever being lost.

On the 3D activity platform front. We have made major advancements with shelf placement and setups that are more complicated with each project. Currently, we can move shelves in any direction for these unique planograms such as hangers with blister packs.

We have also created a complicated tool for product choice selections. And this allows our client to showcase options for products that then adapt to the users choice. i.e. such as a choice of colours of material.

The last quarter saw us complete many projects and the creation of 3D animations that were used for concept testing with focus groups.

There is much more to report. However, we will leave that for another day. As our clients get to enjoy the fruits of our labour, we hope you can join us in so we can help you with your projects.

2017 will be an even greater year, as we are working on another service that will be of great benefit for many business and individuals alike. Watch this space…

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