All New Activity Builder and Virtual Shelf builder improvements

26 Dec 2017


After months of development, the Activity Administrator Platform has gone through a major overhaul. The aim was to make the whole user experience easier for our clients. It is now much easier to build Custom stimulus tools and be in a position to allow our clients to manage these modules/tools with ease.

The Survey Platform allows us to plug in any number of existing qTypes as well as any that are developed for specific clients or project.

This new interface now allows users to better move around from Asset Manager to Projects to Dashboard. The overhaul has improved the whole experience tenfold and allows for faster project setup and execution.

The new Pages, qTypes and Dashboard Navigator are now even easier to use. As well as Project setup, the Navigator allows users to move around the system with ease and work with qTypes and Pages in a simple to use interface.


The all-new Asset Manager allows us to deploy assets such as 2D and 3D concepts globally or have this restricted to regions as per contractual agreements and compliance with privacy regulations.

The new Asset Manager utilises a custom-built CDN. As well as image (PNG&JPEG) optimisation services that further improves the loading time by up to 70% for all our respondent stimulus tools. For instance, the 3D and 2.5D virtual shelves now load at a significantly faster rate than the previous versions.

Upload, Replace and Delete assets with ease. You can easily see what has been or is being uploaded as well as the progress of these assets.


We have also revamped the navigator and tools used in the 2D and 3D Virtual Shelf builder tool. It is now much easier to upload and set up planograms in 3D virtual space. The new Isometric view allows our clients to navigate the 3D space in an easier fashion.

Planogram builds/setups can be completed in a few minutes and be independent of our time zones. As such, this gives clients control over all aspects of the Virtual Shelf. This means they no longer need to wait for adjustments or changes to be implemented.


All in all, We have vastly improved all areas of the Activity Administrator. From the speed of the system to the interface, to the underlying server technology. All this to make sure that our clients are given the simplest experience yet the most advanced features.

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