3D Rendering and Packaging Animation with interactive 3D Packaging design

31 Jan 2018

3D Rendering and Packaging Animation

Using computer-generated graphics to create a Packaging Animation using 3D rendering is a great method to visualize your concept FMCG packaging idea.

In a recent project for a global brand leader, ConceptSauce created some 50+ variations of a packaging concept. These were developed into Packaging Animation videos using 3D renderings. The animations were integrated into a survey script that gave respondents the ability to pick and choose the “right” combination of packaging for them.

This research using 3D Rendering and animation to visualize FMCG concepts helped the client to showcase their new design idea and its key features digitally. Through using these animations, the client was able to understand how the real product would look like and its impact on the consumer.

Not only did they use 3D renderings and animations, but also integrated the interactive 3D packaging design tool into the Survey. This was to allow respondents to rotate and examine these 3D packaging ideas in real-time.

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