3D Packaging Designer – Product Packaging – 3D Mockup

25 Jan 2018

Visualize 3D Product packaging using the 3D packaging designer:

Developing new product packaging concepts using 3D is now much simpler with our 3D packaging designer. Going from sketch to 3D interactive online packaging design is even simpler.

You can upload any number of 3D model formats, FBX, STEP, IGS to the 3D design platform. Thus, making it simple to share with others via the 3D Activity/Survey builder platform.

The respondent can comment on the 3D product packaging in real-time, or you can share to focus groups for further feedback. This mix between qualitative and quantitative feedback enables a faster development cycle and improvement of the final product.

You can use the package designer for a 3D mockup to help in the development and visualization of all your packaging design needs. This 3D mockup can be integrated into any system and used in many situations. Be it for research or design proofing. You can adjust the artwork and 3d mockup model data with ease.

3D packaging desinger

For more information about the 3D packaging designer, follow this link and also read our article here.

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