3D Concept tea packaging animation

26 Dec 2017

From Sketches to real life Product visuals. Lets look at this example of how we can use rough sketches of concepts to generate great looking life like visuals, that then we can turn into an animation or display in any number of applications. (1 day turnaround)

(this is was done over 1 day) As such please do take these process with a pinch of sugar…

Concepts life began with creating a quick mind map to identify and work through some of the issues observed and experienced in the art of tea making. This helps in breaking down the process of making a cuppa, simple you would of thought. However, getting into the nitty and gritty details of how we make a cup of tea. You soon realise that it does take quite a number of actions to make a cuppa of tea.

After identifying some of the problems, we started work on some rough sketching of ideas. what we wanted to do was make it easier for our consumers to follow or create instructions on how to make the perfect cup of tea.

Working on the sketches we were able to come up with a simple idea of an A4 insert that will be placed inside a tube with a window. The tube, would allow the users to see the key custom printed message and any other instructions.

Taking this 2D Concept and transforming it into a 3D real life animation was straight forward once we designed the artwork labels in illustrator. We do put together a simple story so we can set out the action in the 3D virtual environment.

Here is the final 3D CGI Animation concept

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