3D Virtual Shopping Multi product selection

26 Dec 2017

New features added to Livelano (our 3D / 2.5D shopper app).

Respondent side:

Countdown timer
Set timer for which a respondent will have to pick a product by. It is now possible to add a countdown timer that will restrict the respondent to a set time period, once the time runs out the respondent is automatically sent to the next question or back to the root survey.

Multi/single select
Options to allow multi product selection or single product selection. Respondents can be setup to select one product, after which they are sent to the next question. Or alternatively, they are allowed to select multiple products.

Timer progress bar
Countdown timer is clearly displayed using a progress bar. Respondents are able to see the countdown timer progress clearly using the progress bar, as the time runs out the colour of the progress bar also changes to indicate the time visually.

Administrator side:

Set countdown timer
Set timer for which a respondent will have to pick a product by. Any time can now be set, 10′ 20′ 35 seconds, clients can even chose to show or hide the progress bar.

Scenarios duplicator
Duplicate multiple scenarios with a click. It is now even easier to create multiple cells/scenarios with the duplicate page function. This allows account holders to use the first scenarios as a template and then adjust/replace key products with one click.

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